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You have a strong international brand in which you have invested a lot of time and work and succeeded in creating something sustainable.

You have positioned yourself clearly in your market and secured your position with Intellectual Property such as Trademarks, Designs and Patents. In addition, you probably have various Copyrights such as pictures and texts.

In many regions of the world, Free Riders try to use your brand to sell their own products online without even trying to work with you as a partner or retailer.

Known in the B2C sector for a number of years, this phenomenon is rapidly expanding without showing signs of stopping in spite of (high) technology.

This can lead to permanent damage to your business through loss of revenue, damage to your brand’s image or through the growth of competition in your core field, all of which may have been built up for several decades.

This is where we come in. How? We are happy to introduce you to a service tailored to you. Simply get in touch with us: